The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Chapel Job Opportunities

Chapel Manager and Technical Evangelist: The Chapel team at Cray Inc. is seeking a manager and technical evangelist based in Seattle WA (preferred) or Bloomington MN. Interested parties should view the job listing at Cray's career site.


Summer Internship (AMD): AMD Research (Austin, TX or Sunnyvale, CA): Assist with extending the Chapel programming language to support the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) and AMD GPUs. This intern will assist in the development of advanced parallel programming model tools (language compiler/library, runtime libraries, performance analysis tools, etc.) for scalable parallel architectures. An ideal candidate will have experience with high-performance language runtimes, particularly for task-based parallel languages. Experience with compilers, programming language implementation, GPGPU programming, distributed systems, particularly PGAS models, and the Chapel programming language is a plus. Please send your CV to mike.chu -at- amd -dot- com